Our Customers & Partners

We are proud to refer to some of our long-term customers and partners...

Customers - Microsoft Dynamics AX


Residence: Vienna, Austria
Industry: Repair center for handies, digital cameras and other multimedia products

Residence: Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany / Arlesheim, Switzerland
Industry: Production of pharmaceutical, natural cosmetics and dietary products from completely natural substances with environmentally sustainable business practise

Residence: Vienna, Austria
Industry: Marketing and distributing chemicals, polymers, food-and-feed additives

Residence: Salzburg, Austria
Industry: Development and manufacturing of access and digital security solutions

Residence: Weinburg, Austria
Industry: Production of flexible packaging material from aluminium, paper and plastics for dairy, confectionery, human food / pet food as well as international international pharmaceutical companies

Residence: Mannheim, Germany
Industry: Production from non-corroding and wear-resistant materials - technical plastics, safety fittings, large pipes, sewage system, coupling and repair

Residence: Yspertal, Austria
Industry: Retail and wholesale trade and logistics

Residence: Korneuburg, Austria
Industry: Retail trade of garden furniture and other outdoor products

Business Partners - Microsoft Dynamics AX


Residence: Göttingen, Germany / Salzburg, Austria
Cooperation: Business Solutions with Microsoft Dynamics AX

Residence: Gütersloh, Germany
Cooperation: Business Solutions with Microsoft Dynamics AX

Residence: Vienna, Austria
Cooperation: Business Solutions with Microsoft Dynamics AX and CRM

Customers - Industrial Automation

Residence: Vienna, Austria
Industry: Transportation systems, rail automation and power mass transit

Residence: Vienna, Austria
Industry: Buying, selling, brokering, maintenance and repair of second hand laser systems, laser sources, laser accessories, plasma and waterjet cutting machines

Residence: Korneuburg, Austria
Industry: Development and Manufacturing of elecronical, mechanical und other technical system solutions

Residence: Minsk, Belarus
Industry: Development and manufacturing of laser devices and systems for a wide range of scientific and industrial applications

Residence: Minsk, Belarus
Industry: Manufacturing of synchronous linear and rotary motors, torque table, linear stepping motors, planar servomotors, and wide spectrum of multi-coordinate systems based on it, as well as their control systems