Train Tracking System for Berchtesgadener Land Bahn

Train Tracking System for Berchtesgadener Land Bahn (BLB)  was implemented and successfully started in 2011. BLB is local railway in Germany which is partly located  Austria as well. The project was implemented in cooperation with Siemens AG and Mentz Datenverarbeitung GmbH companies. Mentz provides an informational service for the passengers; that service consumes train schedule and realtime prediction data from the Train Tracking System via standard VDV protocol. 

General features of the system are:

  • GPS-based Train Tracking Server
  • Desktop and Web Monitoring System
  • Powerful timetable definition software
  • Instant timetable changes by operator (train delay, station skip, etc.)
  • Train graph monitoring
  • External software interface via VDV protocol
  • Automatic train number assignment
  • Realtime train movement monitoring on Bing maps
  • Automatic daily train operation reports for the customer
  • Car operation statistics
  • Realtime train delay calculation
  • Automatic train arrival time information for the passengers
  • Multi-user environment