Bus Information System for City Of Eisenstadt

This solution was developed for city of Eisenstadt (Austria). It consists of the SIDIS timetable server located in Vienna, colored display on the central city station, and set of distributed passenger  information Displays installed on bus stops.

This project was implemented in cooperation with Siemens AG company in 2007, the system highlights are:

  • Plasma screen at main station Eisenstadt Domplatz
  • Currently boarding buses indication
  • Screen-saver feature using customer advertisements
  • Multifunctional passenger Displays on bus stops
  • GPRS connection between SIDIS Server and Display software.
  • Instant delivery of timetable, timetable changes via GPRS
  • Display graphical presentations in various formats (JPG/BMP/GIF/PNG/TIFF etc.)
  • Various customizable presentation modes
  • Alternating timetable feature
  • Remote Display firmware update via GPRS