Digital Signal Processing for Industrial Automation


Digital Signal Processing (DSP) is one of the brightest spots in the industrial automation business today. DSP is a foundation technology with the power to transform broad areas of the electronics industry. DSP uses software techniques to accomplish many things that have traditionally been accomplished in hardware, plus a number of things that cannot easily be done using physical components. Once a signal is converted to digital form, DSP software can filter it, shape it, and process it to remove noise.

Your Benefits

DSP projects by CS&IE Data Consulting are always focused on significant benefit, which spring from the fact that, since this is a bottom-up design, the implementation can be targeted for specific performance and price. The ability to tune our product brings about significant advantages in terms of performance, product cost, and power or energy consumption.

Products & Solutions

Our approach of building Realtime Operating System for Analog Devices ADSP-21K allows to achieve concurrent performance of user applications in realtime mode by distributing DSP resources with high efficiency, simplify development of DSP firmware by providing a set of service kernel functions to developer, and increase software reliability of DSP control systems.