Passenger Information System for Salzburger Lokalbahn

Passenger Information System for Salzburger Lokalbahn (SLB) was implemented and successfully started in 2007. Salzburger Lokalbahn is a local railway in Austria which consists of two train lines (S1 / S11) and about 30 stations. The project was implemented in cooperation with Siemens AG company.

General features of the software are:

  • Train tracking system using railway elements states information
  • Train monitoring and control from operator places
  • Powerful timetable definition system
  • Multifunctional passenger information displays (2 different display types supported)
  • Real-time train delay calculation
  • Automatic train arrival time prediction for the pasengers
  • Instant timetable changes by operator (train delay, station skip, etc.)
  • Real-time train graph monitoring
  • Automatic train number assignment
  • Data history / train movement playback feature
  • Automatic daily train operation reports for the customer
  • EPON timetable system program nterface
  • Prioviding data for ÖBB infrastructure
  • Real-time video (stations monitoring)
  • Voice announcements via VoiceIP protocol
  • Secured multi-user environment
  • Client-server architecture via LAN