Vehicle Monitoring System (VMS) solution was implemented by our company in cooperation with Siemens AG for Salzburger Lokalbahncustomer (Austria) in 2006. The main purposes of VMS solution are:

  • Provide real-time monitoring of vehicle technical data for train driver
  • Implement central office monitoring and diagnistics software
  • Provide convenient tools for online and offlline data analysis including reports and diagrams

Vehicle Monitoring System structure is illustrated and shortly described below.

There are vehicle units (trains) composed of cars. Number of cars in vehicle can be various; typically there are two – four ones. Each car has Siemens Data Logger device that collects digital and analog information about car parameters. SDL module has GPRS modem that allows establishing internet connection to Central Office VMS software.
Each vehicle equipped with PDA unit intended for train engine driver. PDA is connected to primary SDL via serial cable; it receives actual digital and analog data from SDL module and shows those parameters in convenient form for the train driver. Data from other vehicle SDLs is delivered to PDA through Central Office Server and primary SDL unit.

There is Main VMS PC installed at Central Office station. This computer is connected to Internet in order to manage connections to vehicles (SDLs). SQL Database Server manages Vehicle Monitoring System database. VMS solution provides digital and analog data representation in convenient views using filters, reports and diagrams with printing feature.

Vehicle Monitoring System software gains a great ability for mobile vehicle units interaction. It allows monitoring of trains in the system and broadcasting of announcements. In fact, the system is unlimited to the number of vehicles; it has wide possibilities for extension and upgrade.