Company Profile in Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation technologies and their implementation is one of key directions in our business.


We have been acquiring our experience and developing products, solutions and customer projects for industrial automation since 1995.

We specialize in providing development services – consulting and programming – for industrial automation.


What makes us unique includes:

  • Educated staff. Every employee in our industrial automation department has at least M.Sc. degree in industrial automation, computer science, or applied mathematics. Project leading is provided by Univ.-Professor and 3 Ph.D. specialists.
  • Stable staff. Our kernel staff has been involved in industrial automation development since 1995.
  • Extensive experience in industrial automation development. We took part in development of more than 15 significant projects and acquired experience during more than 20.000 development hours in total.
  • Research activity is an essential part of our industrial automation business, as we have always been looking for innovative solutions in our projects.


We developed our own universal approach to design motion control systems with realtime control under Windows operating system. The solution is a set of Windows device drivers, and it’s deeply integrated with standard graphical applications to allow universal and easy-to-use control of a wide range industrial systems. A number of industrial scale machines has been developed using our technology of Windows Device Drivers for Low-Level Motion Control Boards.

In cooperation with LST Laser & Strahl Technik GmbH, we developed various multi-coordinate mechatronic systems. Resulting product – multi-axes flexible automated manufacturing robotic complex TurboPlane - is a system for parallel multi-tool conveying processing of materials. This flexible industrial module as a basic robotic cell allows designing an industrial manufacturing systems or flexible industrial lines practically of any necessary complexity.

In cooperation with LOTIS TII JV Ltd, a PC-controlled laser engraving machine with automated installation was developed. The resulting hardware and software set enables very flexible and precise realtime control of 3 coordinate axes with stepping motors for a variety of applications.

Collaboration with one of the world leading electrical motors producer, Ruchservomotor JV Ltd, let us gain a very high level of design and development of motion control systems for industrial applications.

We are especially strong in digital signal processing for motion control systems. We have developed our own stepping motor controllers and a realtime operating system for Analog Devices DSPs.


To provide our customers with up-to-date products, solutions, and technologies, we concentrate deeply on our research in industrial automation.

Research Directions

Our scientific interests in industrial automation include the following primary directions:

Research Partners

Doing our research for industrial automation, we closely cooperate with leading research centers and universities; participate in various international conferences and workshops worldwide. Here are some of our long term scientific partners:

Products & Solutions

Our dedication to engineering excellence has resulted in very flexible and adaptable products and solutions on the market for custom applications today.

We offer the following own products and solutions for industrial automation:

Windows Device Drivers

Motion Control Systems

Digital Signal Processing