Our company implements embedded solutions since 2003. One of the big hardware projects was "Passenger Information Display" – device based on PIC-microcontrollers from Microchip Technoly Inc. For last year these Displays were installed for many customers in Western Europe, mostly in Austria. The product is intended for installation at railway stations, bus terminals, vehicles, etc. The Display may work in online and offline modes. In first case Display is connected to the "Passenger Information System" server via LAN, wireless GSM network or serial cable. Online connection allows showing train prediction time or train delays for the passengers. Train dispatcher can send also custom text announcements or informational creeping lines from control center. In offline mode Display works autonomous; it allows to store the timetable for a long period (some years) inside its internal flash memory.

This project was implemented in cooperation with Siemens AG company.

General features of the Passenger Information Displays are:

  • Professional hardware and software architecture design
  • Display scalability – it consists of "bricks" that allowing to easily make custom Display size
  • Multifunctional Display operating software
  • High Display brightness – it is clearly seen even in very sunny day
  • Automatic brightness adjustment depending on ambient conditions
  • Various timetable presentation modes
  • Scheduled custom text and creeping lines
  • Display Layout Designer software
  • Remote firmware update
  • GSM signal strength indication
  • Display supports up to 10 fonts with customizable symbols
  • Display font editor software
  • Internal self-diagnostics features
  • Automatic overheat protection
  • Effective programming in C language and native PIC assembler code
  • Using recent PIC microcontrollers from Microchip
  • Several Display types designed for various customer needs

There are some pictures of various Display types installed for our customers.

Passenger Information Display in City Of Eisenstadt:

Passenger Information Display at Pamhagen station:

Passenger Information Display at Schedifkaplatz station:

Passenger Information Display at Preding station:

Passenger Information Display emulation at plasma screen located in Weiz Interspar store: