Siemens Diagnostics Server (SDS) solution is running since 2005. This service is hosted at our company server and maintains GPRS connection to Siemens Data Logger (SDL) units. These units are servicing the railways and tram lines in different locations: Austria, Serbia, Italy, Romania etc. The main purpose of the SDS system is realtime monitoring of the railway elements states, storing the data and playback of data history using visualization. Playback feature is very useful in case of accident or railway malfunction.
The solution provides two types of monitoring: Web-based monitoring directly from Web site and LAN monitoring via client software. SDS includes Layout Designer – separate executable designed for administrative purposes. This tool is intended for railway layout creation using visual tools.

SDS solution was implemented in cooperation with Siemens AG company, its general features are:

  • SDS Server in Vienna
  • MS-SQL Server as database management system
  • ASP .NET application using Web Services technology
  • Web-visualization using ActiveX
  • Real-time / history data playback and visualization
  • Various playback modes
  • Railway Layout Designer (XML-based)
  • SDS Monitor for administration and desktop monitoring
  • User rights management
  • Offline visualization tools using the same ActiveX
  • Flexibility and scalability
  • Automatic notifications and alerts via email

SDS Web interface allows monitoring of railway elements from any computer connected to the Internet. In fact, the system is unlimited to the set of customers; it has wide possibilities for extension and upgrade. Layout designer allows to easy configuring the system for another users.