Stepping Motor Controller with Analog Devices ADSP-2181


  • Simultaneous control of up to 4 open loop stepping axes, or 2 closed loop + 1 open loop axes.
  • Trapezoidal shape of velocity on trajectory.
  • Handling of real-time input/output operations, response time on external event about 20 mcs.
  • Programmed velocity and acceleration on trajectory.
  • Advanced high level motion description language.
  • Phase current reduction after motion is completed up to the level programmed by user.

Command Set

  • Fast point to point positioning.
  • Linear interpolation.
  • Circular interpolation, clockwise direction.
  • Circular interpolation, counter-clockwise motion.
  • Set XY plane interpolation.
  • Set ZX plane interpolation.

CPU Board

  • Position range of 8,388,608 units.
  • High frequency synchronous serial data link between the controller and power driver.
  • 16 optically isolated digital inputs used as home position sensor inputs, limit sensor inputs, or general purpose inputs, accessible to user via serial channel.
  • 2 analog inputs (+10 V, 12 bits) with simultaneous capture.
  • Power supply voltage +5 V, 1.2 A.
  • Analog Devices ADSP-2181 core CPU.
  • Host computer interface - serial RS232 (speed up to 115.2 Kbps), or RS422/RS485 (speed up to 921 Kbps).
  • Possibility of operation with whether own power drivers controlled by high frequency synchronous serial data link, or standard drivers with CLK/DIR interface.
  • 16 digital outputs with high current output capability (+25 mA).
  • 2 reversible 24-bit counters for incremental sensors connection with quadrature signals up to 4 MHz.
  • Board size 3U2 x 4HP.

Double-Channel Power Driver

  • Peak phase current 0.5 .. 3 A, software adjustable.
  • Microstepping up to 1600 steps per revolution.
  • Board size 3U x 8HP.
  • Power supply voltage 20 .. 40 V.