Motion Control Systems for Industrial Automation


Whether you need a motion control that is fully integrated with your information systems or an easy to use component solution, you've come to the right place. CS&IE Data Consulting is the provider of cost-effective and up-to-date motion control solutions that address your application needs.


Our fully integrated solutions combine architecture and motion products that provide everything you need to achieve a competitive edge. While our products and solutions work well for our customer’s applications, the strength of CS&IE Data Consulting is the ability to use them as a foundation for developing greater integrated systems that meet unique customer requirements.


You’ll appreciate the enhanced performance and proven reliability of our motion controllers. Because our products integrate, you’ll enjoy greater flexibility and easier setup on all your high performance motion control applications. We offer a wide range of motion control options. Our software selection makes it easier than ever to design, implement, use, and maintain your motion application.

Products & Solutions

Our experience and close cooperation with leading Europe scientific centers played a significant role in our own products implementation. Our own solutions in the area of motion control system, like Stepping Motor Controller with Analog Devices ADSP-2181 and Stepping Motor Controller with Analog Devices ADSP-21065L, stand out for their universality, integration abilities and easy-to-use for end-customers.