Passenger Information System for City Of Belgrade (Beovoz)

Passenger Information System for City Of Belgrade (Beovoz) was implemented for Republic Of Serbia in 2003. It is Interlocking Data Management System that services 18 passenger displays, 8 info kiosks, 8 station computers and several operator places. Distributed Database with original replication approach was realized, allowing fast timetable data distribution between all network participants.

The project was implemented in cooperation with Siemens AG company, the following key features were implemented:

  • Powerful timetable definition system
  • Multifunctional passenger information displays
  • Reliable communication protocol
  • Remote Display control from any computer
  • Instant timetable changes introduction (train delay, station skip, et.)
  • Info kiosks with touch-screens for passengers
  • Optimal route calculation function
  • Display firmware remote update
  • Broadcast audio messages from operator places
  • Scheduled audio messages
  • 2 Communication Servers for reliability
  • Remote system update from operator place
  • GPS Features